Materials, treatments, secondary operations

The range of mechanical parts is very wide: gears, levers, ratchets, gears, pulleys, claws, spacers and so on.
Stame specialized also in producing very little sintered parts, even weighing less than one gram.



Thanks to its competence and equipments, Stame is able to produce different metals: bronze, brass, plain iron, plain or alloyed steel, heat treatment or sinterhardening steel, infiltrated steel, stainless steel and composite materials for magnetic applications. All materials strictly fulfill different standards, both national and international.



The finishing treatments include: blueing, bronzing, steam oxidation, oil and plastic impregnation, galvanic coating, different heat treatments, brazing and even co-sintering to get irreversible assembling of components made of different materials or processes.

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Secondary Operation

If the parts which require some particular machining operation because of their shape, impossible to be achieved by forming inside rigid tools, Stame (sometimes with the aid of skillful sub-suppliers) is able to provide ready-to-use parts.