Philosophy & Quality

Our philosophy

Satisfaction and quality

As clearly mentioned in the Quality Manual of the company, “The application of the Quality System Control…. has been decided from the Management in order to enable the Staff to produce parts which meet both with costumer’s requirements and the necessity to reach an improvement of the internal organization”.

The strategic target of Stame is to reach shared advantages such as:

Easy payment

Company profitability;

Eco energy

Environmental protection;

Mobile manager

Continuous professional growth of the Staff;

Support team

Continuity of orders and fair trading;

Auto invoice

Product conformity to specifications, timeliness and accuracy in delivery and completeness of documentation.

Stame is also methodically engaged in studying new materials and innovative processes in order to optimize the utilization of powder metallurgy.
Stame is always ready and willing to study with its costumers any possible modification and improvement of sintered products to enhance their competitiveness.


Quality certificate

Stame employs a quality system control whose validity is certified according to International Standard UNI ISO 9001:2008. This system ensures the good quality of all passages, from acceptance and design of orders to manufacture control and delivery of finished product.